Every Which Way

Ever had a day where you felt like you were going in every direction at one time? Yeah, that’s how today was for me…and probably tomorrow too, for that matter.

In Algebra II, we started Unit 2 by looking at solving systems of equations by graphing. This was pretty straight forward, as we just need to get the equations into slope-intercept form (y = mx+b) and graph them. Wherever the lines crossed is our solution. If they didn’t cross, then they are parallel and would have No Solution. If they were the same line, then there were Infinite Solutions. Pretty easy stuff.

In Finite, we finished Section 3.1 over Functions by talking about piece-wise functions and then a Tax bracket example. This led right into Section 3.2, which talked about Graphs of Functions, namely, piece-wise functions. On that note, make sure to try logging into Blackboard because that’s where I post recordings of every class, notes, and other things.

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