Coming to a close

With the end of today, that can mean only one thing – this Nine Weeks is coming to a close. Yes, you still have tomorrow, but we won’t be doing too much.

In Algebra II, the last full day before Spring Break was a day for simplifying radicals. This wasn’t too terrible. If you know how to make a factor tree, then you’ll be good. The thing to remember here is that “Couples go on dates, singles stay home.” If you can remember that and how to make a factor tree, you’ll be golden. See the notes for the details.

In Finite, we had a Flux Day today. You were also given an extra credit assignment that you could work on to replace the lowest homework grade. This review is completion-based because you already have the key given to you on the last page.

You Survived the SAT!

Well, if you are reading this, that means you survived the SAT (or you didn’t take it). If you took it, how do you feel like you did? Hopefully, y’all did well and won’t have to worry about it again.

Since the calculators were being used for testing, y’all just did a couple of Math puzzles in Algebra II. The first puzzle with Math in Movies and was a more fun activity. The second puzzle was relevant to what we were doing but pretty challenging. Did you find your way through the Radical Maze?

In Finite, we had no time for down-time. We needed to finish Section 5.4. Primarily, this involved more amortization of loans and we even made an amortization table. Then, we capped it off by looking at the present value of an annuity due. This was it for Test 3. So, while I do want you to relax over Spring Break, please study for the test that is quickly approaching on the flip-side of the break.

Big Day Tomorrow!

For many of y’all, tomorrow is a big day – it’s SAT Day. Make sure you get plenty of sleep tonight and please, please, please try your best on that test. If you can do good now, you may not have to take it again.

In Algebra II, we looked at solving radical inequalities by graphing. This really wasn’t that different from solving normal radical equations by graphing, we just had to deal with an inequality. Overall, I think it went well. See the notes for the details.

In Finite, we started the last section that Test 3 will cover. This involved calculating the present value of annuities and even looked a little (okay, fine, a lot) at loans and amortization. We didn’t finish this section, but I’d say we got about 2/3 of the way through.

Almost Half-way!

Can you believe that we are almost halfway through this semester? At the end of this week, we’ll be at that point! This also means that an eligibility check is coming up. You better kick it into high gear!!!

In Algebra II, we had a last assignment that’s going on this Nine Weeks today. It really was just an extension of what we did on Friday, which meant we had an easy Monday. We were solving radical equations and only had one slightly new topic: dealing with indices. It’s really not hard. Think of it like the problem is giving you a hint “Pssst, raise each side to this power.”

In Finite, we finished looking at section 5.3 over annuities, sinking funds, and future value. It wasn’t anything really that new. We started where we left off on Friday talking about sinking funds and then finished off talking about annuities due.