Oh Monday…

We survived the first Monday of the school year! Yay!!! It was an interesting one with the class meetings and all, but alas, we stayed on track.

In Geometry, we had a fairly easy day looking at points, lines, planes, rays, and segments. It required no usage of the calculator whatsoever nor any “math”. Unfortunately, there was a lot of definition-type work though. There’s really not much I can say on here other than see the notes for me details.

In Algebra II, we explored transformations. This is where we met three friends who will stay with us for the rest of the semester. Their names are “a”, “h”, and “k”. With these three friends, we can just about graph any type of function thrown our way. The sooner you understand them, the less painful the semester will be. First, “a” tells you whether we will stretch, shrink, or flip the graph. Then, “h” tell you if we will move left or right as compared to the parent function. Finally, “k” tells you whether we will move up or down as compared to the parent. See the notes for more explanation.

Week #1 in the Books!

We’ve all survived our first week back for the 2019-2020 school year! I hope everyone has had a fantastic first week and I look forward to what the rest of the semester brings. With that personality test we did today in class, I bet we have a great one!

Speaking of class, in Geometry, we looked at Algebraic Proofs. Think of this as using properties to answer every three-year-old’s burning question: “Why?” Every step we do in solving for “x”, that three-year-old is asking us “Why?” and we have to give him not only an answer, but a mathematical property as our answer. Then, he’ll know exactly what we are doing because he’s already a genius and knows the properties…but that’s it. We have to solve his problems 😉

In Algebra II, we built on what we did yesterday by looking into Compound Inequalities. These are the ones that involve “AND” and “OR” in the process. It’s somewhat hard to explain them here on the website, so take a look at the notes for further explanation.

Everyone have a great weekend!!!

Hold on to your seats!

How was that for a fast and furious start to the semester? Regardless of whether you are in Algebra II or Geometry, we have jumped in to the deep end and are off to the races.

In Geometry, we worked on completing the assignment from Day 1, of which we did the notes yesterday. This assignment is probably the longest assignment you’ll have this semester that isn’t a review. Aren’t you glad it’s out of the way now?

In Algebra II, we got behind yesterday, which meant today we had some ground to cover. So, we finished up the notes for the Solving Linear Equations lesson and then dove into Solving Linear Inequalities. Since it was my fault that we got behind, I figured I would lighten the load for you. As a result, on the “Solving Linear Equations” assignment, you only had to do the EVEN problems. On the second assignment “Solving Linear Inequalities”, we only had to do the ODD problems. The notes took pretty much all period, but hopefully this is the last time that happens…no guarantees though 😉

Welcome to my Wide World of Math!

I am so glad each and every one of you have decided to embark upon a great crusade with me through the Wizarding World of Mathematics. It is looking to be a magical year and I hope we see all kinds of new things together!

This semester, I am teaching Geometry (1st, 3rd, and 4th) and Algebra II (2nd). On this website, you will find the notes for the day, a blank copy of the assignment, and perhaps I’ll leave a nugget of wisdom or joke along the way.

Today, we basically went over procedures for the classroom and how this ship is ran. We dove into the first lessons in all classes. In Geometry, 3rd and 4th finished their lessons, while 1st period got about 1/3 of the way through. In Algebra II, we made it through about 1/2 of the lesson. As such, I will only post the lesson for Geometry below. The rest will come tomorrow, as I work to get everyone on the same page and on pace with where we should be at this time. Anyways, in both classes, we simply reviewed solving equations for “x”.

Geometry Day 1 Notes: Unit 1 Day 1 Solving equations – NOTES