Almost Half-way!

Can you believe that we are almost halfway through this semester? At the end of this week, we’ll be at that point! This also means that an eligibility check is coming up. You better kick it into high gear!!!

In Algebra II, we had a last assignment that’s going on this Nine Weeks today. It really was just an extension of what we did on Friday, which meant we had an easy Monday. We were solving radical equations and only had one slightly new topic: dealing with indices. It’s really not hard. Think of it like the problem is giving you a hint “Pssst, raise each side to this power.”

In Finite, we finished looking at section 5.3 over annuities, sinking funds, and future value. It wasn’t anything really that new. We started where we left off on Friday talking about sinking funds and then finished off talking about annuities due.

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