January 20th our U.I.L. contestants will be participating in contests that range from spelling, number sense, and geography to oral reading, music memory, and creative writing. We are so proud of our Slack Stallions and we know they will do a great job at this fun academic event.

The U.I.L. Award Ceremony will take place on February 3, 2023 at 9:00. Parents are welcome to attend the Award Ceremony at the Lufkin High School Auditorium.


So proud of all of our UIL participants!

Creative writing 

Aizen Marinez-4th

Landry Knight-6th

Dictionary Skills

Preston Garrett-5th

Ailyne Amador-2nd

Joselin Ramirez-1st

Maps, Graphs, Charts

Abigail Romero-5th

Hank Johnson-4th

Giovani Mijares-3rd

2nd Music Memory-1st

Eduardo Sandoval

Leah Mahmoud

Alexas Sandoval

Federico Herrera

Carlee Jones

Cooper Havard

4th Music Memory-1st

Abby Reynoso

Dianne Alvarez*

Avery Neil*

Sawyer King*

Jayleene Escobedo

Joseph Ruiz

4th Number Sense

William Havard-4th

5th Number Sense

Kennedy Clark

4th Oral Reading

Diana Rodríguez-4th

Kimberly Servin-6th

3rd Ready Writing 

Avery Knight-2nd

Vianett Ibarra-5th

4th Ready Writing

Olivia Schram-3rd

Ashley Li-4th

3rd Spelling 

Maddie Jones-1st

Kinsley Porterfield-3rd

4th Spelling

George Henderson-3rd

Drew Sloma-4th

5th Spelling

Eli Flores-4th

Allisson Marquez-5th

Cinthya Mairena-6th

2nd Storytelling 

Aiden Porterfield-3rd

Jacob Slack-5th

Javier Hernandez-6th

3rd Storytelling

Griffin Luce-4th