Safety Patrol is a group of responsible 5th grade students who help keep our school safe during the day. They will help make sure rules are followed in school, assist with younger students, and help where needed throughout the school day, as well as helping during special campus events.

We feel that this service is a very important lesson in safety, courtesy, volunteerism and responsibility for the students that were selected to perform these duties.

Members of the Safety Patrol Committee for the 2022-2023 School Year:

Dylan Smith
Easton Todd
Kamila Escareno
Ra’mona Amie
Kennedy Clark
Cinthya Mairena
Emily Storm
Julian Aristondo
Alyssa Lane
Emilio Rodriguez
Summer Dye
Kaylee Walker
Jackelyn Huerta
Daisy Gonzalez
Bella Chacon
Joselyn Islas
Allison Marquez
Lucas Delgado
Avery Sigrest
Ivy Whisenant
Ximena Hernandez
Ailyne Amador
Mireya Oliveros
Peyton Allen
Aiden Garcia
Gio Mijares
Cindy Mendoza
Kimberly Ramirez
Kedany Orozco
Alayna Hernandez