R2 GEAR UP has fourteen Lufkin Middle School eighth grade students selected to participate in the GeoFORCE Academy for the next four summers.

GeoFORCE is a partner out of the UT Austin Jackson School of Geosciences that provides summer academies which introduce GEAR UP students to geological wonders throughout the United States. GeoFORCE academies is led by Jackson School professors, research scientists and industry professionals.

Each summer, students visit a different region in the United States. Through in-class coursework and hands-on field work, students learn about the formation of the Earth and the geological processes that shape it.

“Ms. Young (UT Austin R2 GEAR UP coordinator) and I are proud of all of our students who applied,” Robbie Kuykendall UT Austin R2 GEAR UP coordinator, said. “We are elated for the students who were selected to participate in this amazing opportunity. ”

Congratulations to the following Lufkin Middle School students who were selected:

Shalyn Daniels, Giselle Rivera, Madison Drew, Angel Tehuitzil, Liz Valdes, Derrick Smith Jr., Macie Daughtry, Harmony Calvin, Juliana Ray, Dylan Harrison, Martin Cruz Silva, Dakota Peterson, Riley Vasquez, Isabella Tanksley