Spirit Sticks are the best student’s rewards ever! They are small embroidered patches students display on a backpack. Here are samples of what your student can earn or buy!

How do students earn them? There are a lot of ways to earn a Spirit Stick. Some ways include: having all A’s or all A’s & B’s on their report card, having perfect attendance, earning an E in conduct, earning top DOJO points in their class, and more!

Where do students display them? On their backpacks! All students will receive a special key ring to attach to their backpacks.

There’s more! Every Friday, limited edition Spirit Sticks can be purchased for just $1.00. A display will be set up in the gym for purchases to be made during PE times.

This Friday, Jan. 12th, all students will be given 1 free Spirit Stick and a key ring. Spirit Sticks will also be for sale.