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Virtual Field Trip to Glacier National Park in Montana! We Loved It!


How Are Deltas Formed? Ask A 5th Grader!




Our students are having a blast learning about the formation of  various landforms! This unit has been spectacular!

Landform Projects due Friday, November 16


The following PowerPoint  may help you with ideas for your project! Landforms_1-1acz2l1 Landforms_2-szeu3h Landforms_3-1jzsabv Landforms Rev 5.2.05-trq0dd      

PowerPoints-Formation of Sedimentary Rocks and Fossil Fuels


What_s a Fossil Fuel Rev 09.27.06-1ge1iqu Fossils in Sedimentary Rock Layers-27hi8yiyi.ppt Sedimentary_Rocks2-1q5ea55 SedimentaryRocks_3-2o22lbz

Science ROCKS!


The Formation of Sedimentary Rocks


Wind and water erodes and deposits sediments Sediments fall to the bottom of oceans and lakes Sediments are  pressed and squeezed together through a process called compaction Over millions of years, layers continue to build-up The sediments become stuck together forming the rocks that eventually become layered The layers become cemented due to extreme pressure […]

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