Mrs. Bourlon's Math Class

LMS 6th grade Team A 2018-19

Entering the 2nd-9weeks


Congratulations on making it through the 1st 9-weeks of 6th grade!  We are really in the swing of things now.  We have completed Ch. 2 on multiplying & dividing with decimals and fractions, and we’re about to conclude Ch. 3 on calculating with integers.  Our 1st major exam of the new 9-weeks is Monday, October 30th.  It will cover mostly topics from Chapters 2-3 but will include some review from the beginning of the year – exponents, order of operations & Ch. 1.

Other topics being covered this 9-weeks will also include rates, ratios, proportion, measurement & percents.  We will start Ch. 4 next week (major exam on Nov. 29) & will continue on to Ch. 5  in December.

**Our CBA for this 9-weeks is RESCHEDULED for December 4-5.

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