Lufkin High School Staff

Here’s a list of Lufkin High School staff members. If you’re looking for a specific department at the high school, check our Departments page. You can use our Contact page to send a message to the high school.


Administrative Team
Name Position
Brandon Boyd Principal
Julie McManus Associate Principal of Instruction/Curriculum
Erin Hubert McBryde Special Education Principal
Suzy Jungmann STEM Coordinator
Erin Currie
(936) 630-4102
English Instructional Coach
Angela Stanley
(936) 630-4181
Math Instructional Coach
Erin Kay
(936) 630-4118
Science Instructional Coach
Daniel Usher
936) 630-4168
Social Studies Instructional Coach
Stephen Rhoades
(936) 630-4173
Career and Technical Education Director
Ty Cauthen
(936) 633-7838
Assistant Principal for Student Activities
Kym Guzman
(936) 633-6520
Testing Coordinator
April Soderquist
(936) 630-4114
Digital Learning Specialist/Communicator
Andres Mijares
(936) 630-4485
Associate Principal of Discipline/12th Grade
Clarence Bennett
(936) 630-4485
11th Grade Principal
Mollie Havard
(936) 630-4485
10th Grade Principal
Michael Hillis
(936) 630-4214
9th Grade Principal (A-L)
Harlan Neal
(936) 630-4214
9th Grade Principal (M-Z)
Joe Martinez
(936) 630-4217
At-Risk Coordinator
Denise Davis
(936) 632-7721
Fine Arts Department Leader
Alex Moreno
(936) 630-4221
Languages Other Than English Department Leader


Name Position
Gaby Murphy
(936) 630-4104
Counseling Center website
Go Center website
Director of Counseling
Kelly Smith
(936) 630-4148
Mandy Alvarado
(936) 630-4106
fax (936) 634-6739
Calvasha Summers
(936) 630-4109
Class of 2021 website
Class of 2025 website
Counselor — Class of 2021
Angela Roberts
(936) 630-4107
Class of 2022 website
Counselor — Class of 2022
Mandy Savage
(936) 633-7271
Class of 2023 website
Counselor — Class of 2023
Autumn McDaniel
(936) 633-6139
Class of 2024 website
Counselor — Class of 2024
Katie Kassaw
(936) 630-4180
Counselor — Special Education
Karli Soule
(936) 630-4153
Counselor — Career and Technology
Go Center website Counselor — Go Center
Brandie Knight
Dual Credit website
Success Coach
Judith Ruiz
(936) 630-4104
Administrative Assistant
Early College High School
Name Position
Charlotte Davis Director
Amy Anderson  
Monique Martinez
(936) 630-4441
Name Position
Vickie Evans
LETS GEAR UP website
Project Director


Name Position
Todd Quick Athletic Director/Head Football Coach
Jerri Boyd Girls Athletic Director
Vanessa Jimenez
(936) 632-7656
➡️ Website
Head Athletic Trainer
Mike Waters
(936) 632-7656
➡️ Website
Assistant Athletic Trainer


LHS Front Office
Geraldine Warren
(936) 632-7721


Lufkin ISD Police
Name Position
Jay Jost LISD Police Chief
Tamesha Forrest LISD Police Officer
Dan Lair LISD Police Officer
David Rodriguez LISD Police Officer


Name Position
Giela Brieden
(936) 630-4171
Lead Librarian


Name Position
Aida Willis School Nurse


Communities in School
Name Position
Dolores Perez
(936) 630-4108


Social Worker
Name Position
Mary T. Jones Social Worker


Jeana Scott
➡️ Website
District Homebound teacher