Lufkin ISD Sports Medicine is hosting its Annual Physical Day on May 17th at Lufkin High School, from 1pm to 5pm. The cost is $20.00, cash only.

Students entering 7th, 9th, or 11th grade, as well as those new to Athletics, Cheer, Drill, or HS Marching Band, require a new physical examination. Additionally, all participants must complete a new medical history form and update the necessary paperwork on  Detailed instructions below.

Middle School students will be provided transportation via bus during regular school hours to Lufkin High School, where parents can pick them up from the student parking lot. For transportation inquiries, please contact Ms. Murray at LMS by calling 936-630-4144.

Physical examination forms and medical history paperwork are available for pickup from coaches or athletic trainers.

To ensure a smooth process on Physical Day, please ensure that medical history forms are fully completed and signed by both the parent/guardian and student. Additionally, please note that physical and medical history forms without “2024” in the top right corner will not be accepted.

Please note, physical copies of paperwork are no longer accepted. All documents must be uploaded to For assistance with this process, please contact your campus Athletic Trainer.

For inquiries, contact Mrs. V at LHS (936-632-7656) or Ms. Murray at LMS (936-630-4144).

We look forward to serving you at our Annual Physical Day, ensuring the health and safety of our student athletes.

Rank One Instructions

  • REMINDER: Please turn off your auto-fill before filling out the required Rank One Paperwork.
  • All paperwork needs to be completed prior to competition.
  • Parents, Guardians, and Students please be aware:
    Students entering the 7th grade, 9th grade, and 11th grade, as well as those new to LISD 7-12th, require a new physical on file prior to participation. Physicals dated before May will be accepted, but please note that physicals are valid for two years from the date they were conducted. For instance, if your student has a physical dated 2/1/24, it will expire on 2/1/26, and you will need a new one completed on or before that date. Failure to comply will result in your student athlete being held out of competition.
  • All students, regardless of grade, must have a completed medical history form on file prior to competition.
  • Lufkin ISD Sports Medicine is no longer accepting physical copies of the physical and medical history.

Please follow the instructions below for uploads.

Physical Upload: This form should be signed by the doctor at the bottom, containing your student’s date of birth, height and weight, vision, etc. Once you have a completed form, you may scan or take a clear picture of it. Upload the picture and wait for confirmation that it has attached. Then, sign the page, input a valid email, and hit submit. If this does not apply to you, please close out that page, as the Rankone website automatically assumes that all students need physicals.

Medical History Upload: This is the form found on the back of the physical with yes/no questions. Any questions marked “Yes” need to be answered on the medical history form in the box on the bottom right. Ensure both you and your student sign at the bottom of the page. Once on the page, take a clear picture of the form, ensuring good lighting. Upload the picture and wait for confirmation that it has attached. Then, sign the page, input a valid email, and hit submit.

Emergency Card: This is not a physical card but a digital input. Please fill this out with the most recent information. If you need to leave a spot blank, please use “NA.” Students with two last names should try different variations depending on how they were registered in Skyward. For example, Jimenez-Roberson, or Jimenez Roberson, or Jimenez – Roberson. Do not leave ER selection blank. We need to know where you want your student transported in the event of an emergency. Please read all the documents using the hyperlinks provided as they contain vital information. Then sign the page, input a valid email, and hit submit.