Welcome to First Grade!

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Here’s a copy of our First Grade schedule: 7:40-8:00          Pick up students from Gym/Morning Journals 8:00-8:25          Texas Target Practice/Number of the Day/Math Journals 8:25-8:30           Announcements/Pledges 8:30-9:15            Power Up/Guided Reading Groups 9:15-10:10           Math 10:10-11:00         Music/P.E.      (Teacher Conference Time) 11:00-11:45          Neuhaus/ELA 11:45-11:51           Bathroom Break/Wash Hands/Prepare for Lunch 11:53-12:23          Lunch 12:23-12:30         Bathroom Break/Wash Hands 12:30-12:50         Recess 12:50-1:20           Writer’s Workshop… Continue reading