Easin’ through the week

You’ve heard of “Dashin’ through the woods…” but have you heard of “Easin’ through the week”? It happens when you have not only an easy day or two but when the week seems to drag on foreeeeeever.

In Algebra II, the “easy” day came in the form of looking at factoring our special cases for one more day. There’s not really anything of note to mention hear, other than the fact that their weren’t technically any notes. Instead, we did 1/3 of the assignment together.

In Finite, we had an “easy” day in the sense that it was basically a “catch-up” day. It was a day where we could get corrections done, get tomorrow’s assignment done, or whatever needs to get done.

Wet Wednesday

Imagine that, it’s Wednesday and raining yet again! On another note, if you ever see a question about learning Arabic numerals and whether or not we should learn them, the answer is YES! (Arabic numerals are the normal digits 0, 1, 2, 3, …, 9)

In Algebra II, we had our first dose of factoring the special cases. These seem hard at first, but should get easier with time. They are the cases where we have a difference of squares, difference of cubes, or a sum of cubes. They each have their own formulas but if you find the “a” and “b”, you’ll be set for success.

In Finite, we finished up Section 4.4 by looking at applications (a.k.a. word problems) for exponential and logarithmic equations. This is also the last of the material for Test 2, which is quickly approaching on Monday and Tuesday.

Truckin’ Along

I hope everyone had a great 4-day weekend! After a mini-break like that, I know it can be hard to get back into the swing of things. However, time goes on and so must we.

In Algebra II, we started Unit 4 over factoring. Luckily, today was an easier day. We were factoring using the Greatest Common Factor (GCF). Basically, we wanted to take out the biggest item that we could. That’s really all there was to it – What’s the largest item you can take out? Then, write whatever is left inside a set of parentheses beside the GCF.

In Finite, we looked at equations that involved logarithms and exponentials. This was sort of like a “capstone” section for Test 2 in that it put together a lot of what we have been looking at, especially during Chapter 4 (last week). We had 4 different approaches to these problems, so see the notes to see which game plan is the correct approach. (Psst…rumor has it that there is even a homework problem somewhere in the notes, so go look.)

FOUR Day Weekend!

We’ve had three-day weekends, but how often do we actually get a FOUR day weekend?! Not very often, so enjoy your Valentine’s break!

In Algebra II, we tested over Polynomials.

In Finite, we learned a “new” language for a “old” idea. What’s that new language and what’s the old idea? Well, we’ve been looking at exponential functions and then their applications – that’s the old. The new is logarithms. We looked at Section 4.3 today, which involves Logarithmic Functions. This involved converting from exponentials to logarithms, condensing logs, expanding logs, graphing logs, and even one log application. On Tuesday, we start working equations with both involved!

Tech Issues & Word Problems

Today has been a day full of tech issues and then word problems.

In Algebra II, I seemed to have tech issues with the projector just shutting off randomly. Luckily, we were just doing a review, so no harm there. I just had to break out the classic Expo markers and get to writing. Make sure to be studying the review tonight!!!

In Finite, there were tons of word problems (a.k.a. applications). So, good thing there wasn’t any real tech issues here. On the bright side, I was able to record the video. So, a link to the Collaborate recording is posted in Blackboard. The past two days have been filled with exponentials, so I say it’s time we look really hard at some logarithms…stay tuned.

Whoopsie Daisy!

Every have one of those days where you’re like “Uh oh! I forgot to do ____.” That’s how today was for me. So, to the Finite students, I apologize that there is no recording of the lesson for today.

In Algebra II, after a pain-staking day doing long division yesterday, we looked at something called synthetic division today. Now, both of these methods involve dividing polynomials, so it’s not just arithmetic that we are doing. Synthetic division is a little difficult to describe on here, so the best I can say is to see the notes for the details.

In Finite, we explored exponential functions and got just barely a taste of their applications. It did take most of the period, but I hope the assignment won’t be too bad as a result. Again, I’m sorry for not recording the lesson. I didn’t remember until we were 2/3 of the way through and I don’t think it would have served any purpose capturing the last 1/3 of the notes.

Finding Nemo

With all this rain that we are about to have this week, we may need to go out and buy some fins and flippers just to make it into school as the week progress. Who knows, we may even see Nemo and Dory along the way! …Oh wait, they’d be in salt water, darn the luck!

In Algebra II, we had a major flashback to elementary school and to a topic that many seem to not like – Long Division. On Friday, we saw the addition, subtraction, and multiplication of polynomials. Today, we looked at the Division of Polynomials Using Long Division. So the concept is pretty much the same, we just added a pesky little x into the mix.

In Finite, we had a flux day (a.k.a. work day). So, nothing to see here.

5 Weeks Down!

Can you believe that we’re already 5 weeks into this semester?! That means that we are already 25% of the way done and that much closer to Summer 2K20!

In Algebra II, we looked at Adding, Subtracting, and Multiplying Polynomials. To add them, we simply “Drop it like it’s hot” with the parentheses and then combine like terms. For subtraction, it’s pretty much the same process except for the fact that we have to deal with a pesky little negative sign first. Then for multiplication, we have to use the distributive property to multiply everything out. Sometimes it’s single distribution, sometimes it’s double distribution, and it could even be TRIPLE distribution. Nonetheless, the concept is still the same.

In Finite, we wrapped up the section on Rational Functions. Monday is a work day, so there won’t be anything to report on Monday for this class (at least as far as this site is involved).


Was it just me or did it get cold outside? Good thing we are able to go to school indoors!

In Algebra II, we stayed warm by looking at our exponent rules that we learned yesterday in greater detail. Additionally, we added another rule: Power to a Power. Just remember, when you have a power to another power, you will multiply the powers. Other than that, we just built on our knowledge acquired yesterday.

In Finite, we started to look at Rational Functions. These weren’t too bad, but we did have to find vertical and horizontal asymptotes as well as know whether or not a slant asymptote exists. Nonetheless, see the notes for more details.

Exponents = MORE POWER

Did you know that exponents give you MORE POWER?! No, really…

In Algebra II, we looked at some exponent rules. These rules include what happens when we deal with multiplication and division with the same bases, raising anything to the zeroth power, and then negative exponents. Overall, I think the lesson was pretty easy and I hope you’d agree. Regardless, if you were absent, it may be a good idea to take a look at the notes.

In Finite, we finished looking at polynomial functions. This meant that we were looking at functions that had MORE POWER to them, including predictive power. Near the end of the notes, we looked at how to sketch these functions and even run regressions with them. The regression part was a little time consuming, but hopefully it was too painful.