What Day is it, Mike?

Mike. Mike. Mike. What day is it, Mike? “It’s Hump Day!” What, what!

There is not really much to say here in the sense that we had review days in both classes. For Algebra II, we are taking a benchmark tomorrow, so I went over problems like those that will be on the benchmark. In Geometry, the review is a long one, so we will have two days to work on it. Anyways, if you want to see the Algebra II Benchmark Review, it’s below.

Benchmark Review

Monday, Part 2!

Today was like Monday – Part 2 for both classes in the sense that we both had a continuation of what was done Monday.

In Algebra II, we finished up the TSI test that we began yesterday, so nothing to see here.

In Geometry, we had another practice day. This time, though, it was over the 3-D figures and their areas and volumes. Again, there’s not much to see here, so see the notes if you missed them.

Notes – unit 7 practice day 2
Assignment – Unit 7 Practice Day 2 Volume and Surface Area Assignment

Ninth Inning Stretch!

Well, folks, it appears that we are getting close to entering the ninth inning stretch. The semester is very quickly coming to a close, and with it, the year. Now is the time to put the peddle to the metal and go!

In Algebra II, we took the TSI test today. So, nothing to say here other than there’s no classwork today.

In Geometry, we had a practice day that looked at area and perimeter. This whole week will be just one practice day after another until the test on Friday. There’s not much to say here either, so see the notes for the details.

Notes – Unit 7 Practice day 1
Assignment – Unit 7 Practice Day 1 area

Testing is in the Air!

It’s that time of year where it seems like there is some kind of test around nearly every corner. I’m not talking about STAAR testing, but TSI tests, college finals, high school finals (in 4 weeks), AP tests, etc. In Math, once you get past Algebra I, STAAR is out of the picture, but not all of the others. Nonetheless, it means that Summer is almost here. Hang in there!

In Algebra II, we looked at what happens when the base of two exponentials is not the same and cannot be written as a power of the other. In other words, we will have to take the log of both sides to solve. This uses the Power Rule for yesterday A LOT! It is essentially also our last day on new material, as we have the TSI on Monday and Tuesday and then look over applications on Wednesday.

In Geometry, we also saw our last day of new material, as the next three days will be practice days. We found the lateral surface area, total surface area, and volume of pyramids and cones. It was an easy day for a Friday. Yay!

As the World Goes ‘Round…

Whether we’d like to admit it or not, rules make the world a better place. I mean, think about where we would be if there were no rules whatsoever. Who would be right? Who would be wrong? Would you know if you were wrong? As it were, the same applies to Math. If we wouldn’t have had ancient mathematicians coming up with rules and theorems, where would we be?

In Algebra II, we learned three of these such rules. The common theme here, though, was that they all dealt with logarithms. These rules are as follows below:

  1. log_b_(x) + log_b_(y) = log_b_(x*y)
  2. log_b_(x) – log_b_(y) = log_b_(x/y)
  3. r*log_b_(x) = log_b_(x^r)

Once you have these three rules, it’s just a latter of applying a combination of one or more of these to get the equation solved for x. It’s pretty straight-forward, so see the notes for the details.

In Geometry, we took on the 3-D world now. We found the lateral surface area, total surface area, and volume and prisms, cylinders, and spheres. Again, I feel that this is pretty straight-forward, so see the notes.

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

I don’t know about you, but I’m quite frankly getting tired of these weekly “Possibly Severe” storms we have been having in the forecast. I don’t like lightening at night, much less severe weather. But, anyways, let’s hope we survive without it getting too bad.

In Algebra II, we had an introduction to logarithms today. If you recall from Monday, logarithms (logs, for short) are simply the inverse of the exponential functions. So, we learned how to switch them back and forth. Further, to be able to solve these problems, we need them to be in exponential form. So, you have to convert the logs to exponentials, and then solve. Overall, I feel like today was pretty easy.

In Geometry, we looked at composite area. All we do with composite area is find the area of each smaller shape that makes up the larger, more composite shape. There’s not really too much to say here, so see the notes.

Circle Circle Circle All Day Long!!!

I’ve got a story for ya, Ags! (A-WHOOP!) When I was in Band growing up, we did this stretch called the “Circle Stretch” that was supposed to get our arms loosened up for holding our instruments at attention when marching. All the stretch consisted of was waving our arms in circles of all sizes – Big, Little, and any in between. Since it was band (and in band, you have a cadence for nearly everything), they created the “Circle Cadence”. It goes like this “*Small circles* Circle circle circle circle circle. Circle circle circle all day long.” Then, we kept repeating this line as we made bigger and bigger circles. Then, it went backwards, i.e., we started with big circles and worked down to little circles.

Now, you may be wondering why I told this story. Well, that’s because in Geometry, we looked at all things “Circles” today. We found the area and circumference of circles. Then, went on to find sector area and arc length using a central angle. So, all period, I had this song stuck in my head and could not get it out.

In Algebra II, we looked at Exponential functions and all kinds of applications. Of everything we’ve done so far, I feel like this lesson was the most real-life lesson in the sense that biological processes and money all tie back to the exponential function in some way, shape, or form. We talked about bank accounts, buying vehicles, bacteria multiplying, and so much more.


I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! Now, let’s see if we can get through this full week, since it seems like forever since we’ve had to go for five whole days. As far as “in the classroom” goes, today probably seemed like a fulfillment of the phrase “same ol’ stuff, different day”.

For one, Algebra II did more graphing with A, H, and K transformations. Just when you thought we were going to be getting away from those, since we tested over them on Thursday, they have come back already. This time, they were under the disguise of exponential and logarithmic functions. One thing to remember here, though, is that the log function is simply the inverse of the exponential. So, if you remember one of them and you are good at inverses, you may catch a break.

Then, in Geometry, we looked at more problems involving area. This time, though, we were having to solve for some piece of the formula, given the area. This is still pretty straight-forward, as all we have to do is apply some basic algebra to our equations. It’s so straight-forward that there’s not really much to say other than “See the notes”.

Have a Great Easter Weekend!

Well, now that this crazy, short week is over, I hope that everyone has a great Easter Weekend!

In Algebra II, we ended the week by taking our unit test over Transformations. This means that when we come back on Monday, we will be starting our Logarithms unit.

In Geometry, we started our Area, Surface Area, and Volume unit today. This was sent underway by talking about the areas of parallelograms, rectangles, squares, triangles, trapezoids, kites, and rhombi. We kept it pretty simple today, but that made for an easy day.

Notes – Unit 7 Day 1 Area NOTES
Assignment – Unit 7 Day 1 Assignment Area

Where’s the week gone?

And just like that, tomorrow is like our Friday! I knew this week would be really short, but man, I feel like we haven’t gotten hardly anything done. Maybe y’all feel differently, but I don’t know if I like these 3-day weeks.

Anyways, in Algebra II, we reviewed the Transformations unit in preparation for tomorrow’s test. The filled-in review in below.

In Geometry, we took our Unit 6 Test. This means that tomorrow is the start of another unit, which will be over Area and Volume.

Algebra II’s filled-in review: Unit 7 Review – FILLED IN