5 Weeks Down!

Can you believe that we’re already 5 weeks into this semester?! That means that we are already 25% of the way done and that much closer to Summer 2K20!

In Algebra II, we looked at Adding, Subtracting, and Multiplying Polynomials. To add them, we simply “Drop it like it’s hot” with the parentheses and then combine like terms. For subtraction, it’s pretty much the same process except for the fact that we have to deal with a pesky little negative sign first. Then for multiplication, we have to use the distributive property to multiply everything out. Sometimes it’s single distribution, sometimes it’s double distribution, and it could even be TRIPLE distribution. Nonetheless, the concept is still the same.

In Finite, we wrapped up the section on Rational Functions. Monday is a work day, so there won’t be anything to report on Monday for this class (at least as far as this site is involved).

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