I Have a Dream…

I have a dream that one day, Math is be 100% fun and full of exploration. A dream that will involve not just solving brute-force calculations but working to solve a “mysterious” project where learning truly takes place, people are open and willing to make mistakes in the name of learning, and actually have FUN while doing it. …This dream may not be realized this year, next year, or even the year after, but I hope that one day we can structure our math courses in this manner.

On a more realistic note, Algebra II spent the period getting ready for our first test that covers equations and inequalities. These equations and inequalities involve both “normal” (linear) functions and absolute value functions. As long as you study the review, you’ll be just peachy.

In Finite, we had a bell-to-bell day. We looked at how to build linear models given a set of data and ultimately capped off the day learning how to do linear regressions in the calculator. Hopefully tomorrow won’t be as jam-packed, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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