What’s the Over/Under?

Though many consider Enrichment Schedule for Club Meetings “normal”, it sure does through a monkey wrench in our daily routine.

In Algebra II, being that y’all are 1st and 5th, no monkey wrench was thrown via the schedule. However, some many feel the monkey wrench came the from notes and assignment for today. We looked at the last topic that will be in Unit 1. This topic was over how to solve Absolute Value Inequalities Graphically. We still used the same steps from Tuesday, but man, those sign got us just about every time! These steps are 1.) Isolate the absolute value, 2.) Split into positive and negative equations (flip sign on negative), and 3.) Solve/Graph each inequality.

In Finite, we finished looking at Equations of Lines (Section 2.2) by looking at point-slope form and then real-world applications. This is where the time-management monkey wrench came into play. With our period being 15 minutes shorter, my plan of having time to work pretty much vanished by the time we graded 1.7 and then finished our 2.2 notes. But, alas, tomorrow is a work/catch-up day!

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