Tired Tuesday

This rain needs to go away because it’s had me sleepy all day long. I think it’s having the same affect on some of y’all as well 😉

In Algebra II, we picked up where we left off yesterday – solving absolute value equations by graphing. This part is pretty simple if you know how to graph. What’s newer today is solving these equations algebraically. This can be done in three steps: 1. Isolate the absolute value, 2. Split into positive and negative solutions, and 3. Solve each split for x. Just remember ISS (Isolate. Split. Solve.) and you’ll be golden.

In Finite, we had another bell-to-bell day unfortunately. We had to get finished with Section 2.1 even though we barely started it yesterday. This meant that after grading Section 1.6, we spent the rest of the period working on the 2.1 notes. That’s okay though, because I have moved the Section 2.1 assignment to being due on Friday instead of Thursday.

2 thoughts on “Tired Tuesday

    1. For Algebra II, the tutorial schedule is as follows:
      Monday and Wednesday – Mr. Schuldt (3:50-5:00)
      Tuesday and Thursday – Mrs. Perkins (3:50-5:00)

      I also get here early most mornings. So, if my door is open, you’re welcome to come in.

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