It’s FriYAY!

We made it through the first week back! Now, since y’all were so good, I’ll give y’all the next two days off in the form of Saturday and Sunday.

In Algebra II, we explored transformations using absolute value functions. These involved being introduced to the “a”, “h”, and “k” threesome. Through the course of this semester, they will become either your best friends or your worst enemies. It’s up to you to decide which one, but hopefully you’ll pick the former. Remember, “a” tells us stretch/shrink/flip, “h” tells us left/right and is the opposite of what’s in the function, and “k” tells us up/down.

In Finite, I had to run to AC 4th period. So, today was a work day. Your first assignment (Section 1.2) is due on Monday.

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