Calm Before the Storm

If you’ve been watching the news lately…or at least the Weather, you’ll know that today is truly the calm before a stormy (and possibly severe) Friday. Make sure you stay safe during this severe weather and we will do our best at school to keep y’all safe.

In the case of Algebra II, you could also say this calm relates to today’s lesson, which was another review of Algebra 1 concepts. We spent the day looking at compound inequalities. Remember, these are the AND/OR inequalities. “AND” means that we shade in the middle when graphing be our x is between two numbers. “OR” means we shade outwards. Other than that, it was just more algebraic manipulation to solve for the “x” and put that as an inequality. Now…prepare for the “storm” coming tomorrow in the form of all things absolute value.

In Finite, today was actually the “storm” with tomorrow being the “calm”. Due to the possibility of me being out, we had to try to cram 2 days worth of lecture into one day. This meant that we were looking at ALL of Section 1.6 (First-Order Equations) and getting started on Section 1.7 (Quadratic Equations). We didn’t get as far as I had wanted, but that’s okay. We’ll survive 🙂

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