On the Prowl

The Panthers were on the prowl today…well, at least in the Geometry classrooms they were.

In Geometry, we had a scavenger over area, perimeter, surface area, and volume. This scavenger hunt was part of our Unit 7 Reteach activities. This concluded the reteach, which means the Unit 7 Re-Test is tomorrow. Study hard (again)!

In Algebra II, we had our last Unit 8 lesson, which covered word problem applications of logarithmic and exponential problems. These applications ranged from finding populations, depreciation values, etc. Other than that, it was more of a review. This is a good thing because in addition to our CBA that we are having tomorrow, we have a Unit 8 Review. This means the Unit 8 test is looming in the near future (THURSDAY!).

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