Circles Galore!

It was a day full of circles today! Not you, Algebra II, sit down. But we did have fun moving a “monster” in Algebra II.

In Geometry, we looked at finding the area and circumference of circles. This basically centered around two formulas for the whole lesson and assignment. That is, until we started looking at sector area and arc length, but even then, they still focus around the two main formulas. For area, we have A = πr² and we have C = 2πr for circumference.

In Algebra II, we looked at transforming general functions. This meant they gave us a random function and then we had to transform it using the a, h, and k transformations. The key to remember here is that “a” tells us to stretch, shrink, or flip, “h” tells us to move left (h<0) or right (h>0), and “k” tells us to move up (k>0) or down (k<0). If we have all three, we want to flip first, then stretch/shrink, and then move.

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