8. Weeks.

That’s it. You have 8 weeks to make sure that all of your ducks are in a row in order to get credit for your Math course? How are your rows looking? Are they even rows? If not, let’s get to work!

In Geometry, we looked at the last day of material for Unit 5. This really was more of a review of the trig ratios, but we did have two new concepts: angles of elevation and angles of depression. These are pretty straight-forward: Basically, if you are looking up, it’s an angle of elevation and if you are looking down, it’s an angle of depression. Now, you may be saying: “But we are looking at a paper, we aren’t looking up or down.” To that I say, “Go from the dotted line to the solid line. How do you move?”

In Algebra II, we looked at solving quadratic equations and inequalities by graphing. This was like what we did Friday, but we took it a step further with an inequality sign or equal sign. It’s better if you just look at the notes that me trying to explain it here.

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