Happy Fantastic Friday!

We’ve made it to another FriYAY! I know those Panthers are going to fun into the Magnolia stadium and claim it as Panther territory. Go LP!

In Geometry, we had yet another practice day for this unit. We looked at content from the last half of Unit 4, which involved midsegments, inequalities in one and two triangles, and perpendicular and angle bisectors. So in the past two days, we’ve looked at a majority of the concepts from Unit 4. It’s not an exhaustive list, but it’s the big ones. On Monday, we will have our Unit 4 Review and then on Tuesday we would have the Unit 4 Test.

In Algebra II, we looked again at solving radical equations. This was mostly the same as yesterday, but had one main difference. Today, we learned that the index of a radical tells us what kind of root it is, for instance a cube root vs. a square root vs. a 4th root, etc. Also, we looked at the a few word problems. Don’t be scared by word problems. Find the equation, identify what you can plug in, and then solve.

Have a great weekend!

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