Happy Friday Eve!

It’s Friday eve! That can mean only one thing – TOMORROW IS FRIDAY! I repeat “Tomorrow. Is. Friday.” This also means we are a week out from the end of the 1st Nine Weeks, and in turn, this Math class.

In Geometry, we had a practice day over about 1/2 of the material covered in Unit 4. This involved classifying triangles, equilateral/isosceles properties, proportions/ratios, and interior/exterior angles. Tomorrow, we will practice the other 1/2 of the unit.

In Algebra II, we solved square root equations two different ways. The first way was perhaps the easiest – Graphing. The second way was algebraically. Just remember that we have to try to isolate the radical and then square both sides to rid our equation of a radical. This is different for some, so we will be spending tomorrow on it as well. In the meantime, take a look at today’s notes.

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