Happy Halloween!

There’s a nippiness in the air, football is being played all around us, y’all (the students) are getting antsy. This must mean it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas time, right? Nope, not nearly! But it is Halloween, so Happy Halloween!

In Geometry, we reviewed for the Unit 6 Test over Polygons. STUDY!

In Algebra II, we started Unit 7 by reviewing the transformations of parent functions. This means that while today had it’s own lesson, it was predominantly a review. So, there’s not much to say here.

Go Fly a Kite…

Let’s just all go fly a kite…but in the storms that we’ve been having today, that could be a trap(ezoid).  Anyways…

In Geometry, that’s exactly what we looked at today – Kites and Trapezoids. These two quadrilaterals have properties of their own and are unlike the parallelograms we’ve spent most of our time on. I can’t really explain the properties here, so see the notes for the details.

In Algebra II, we had the Unit 6 test today over Quadratics.

Our Future is Bright

When we stay drug-free our future is bright. There are tons of options out there when we are drug-free. Why would you want to limit those potential opportunities?

In Geometry, we looked at special parallelograms. These include the rectangle, rhombus, and square. Since they are parallelograms, they all have the same properties of parallelograms. However, they also have properties of their own. So, be sure to see the notes to see what those properties may be.

In Algebra II, we worked on the review for the Unit 6 test. Study hard!

3 More School Mondays Until Thanksgiving!

How about a joke to lighten the mood on a Monday? What did the mechanic tell the scout leader after he repaired his car horn? (Look below for the answer).

In Geometry, we slowed it down on the quadrilaterals and just focused on parallelograms today. We discussed again the properties of a parallelogram and then worked several problems related to those properties. Hopefully, those properties are starting to sink in now.

In Algebra II, we had our last lesson of Unit 6. Throughout this whole unit, we were looking at how to find the roots (a.k.a. solve) for quadratic equations. Now, the tables have turned. We are given the roots and have to back-track to get to the equation. This is as simple as find the sum and product of the roots. The sum is equal to -b/a and the product is equal to c/a. Remember this and you’ll be golden.



(Answer: Beep Repaired)

Rainy Friday

Has it quit raining yet? It started last night and has not seem to let up since. I sure hope it quits in time for some Pack Football! Go Pack Attack! Go LP!

In Geometry, we had an activity over Quadrilaterals that served as an introduction to what will be covered next week. While many liked it because that meant no Friday homework, it lasted aaaalllllll period AND we still didn’t get finished with it. At least it’s an overview, so we will cover everything in more detail in the days to come.

In Algebra II, we looked at how to solving quadratic equations using the Quadratic Formula. This was pretty basic, as you should have seen this in Algebra I. We just have to first put the quadratic into standard form, figure out what A, B, and C are, plug into the quadratic formula, and then simplify (“How low can you go? Can you go down low? Can you go to tha’ flo’?”).

Almost There!

We’ve almost made it through the week! Hang in there!

In Geometry, we started our Polygons unit with a brief overview of different properties of polygons. We talked about naming polygons, regular/irregular polygons, concave/convex polygons, the sum of the interior angles, and the sum of the exterior angles. So, we definitely covered some ground today! See the notes for the details.

In Algebra II, we had a natural extension of what we did yesterday. We looked at solving quadratics by completing the square. Just remember, the first step is figuring out what goes in our “blankity blank”. Then, we can solve like what we did yesterday.

Stand UP Against Bullying

While I don’t own an orange shirt at all (I’m an Aggie, why would I?), I was amazed at how united LHS was against bullying today and seeing all of the faculty and students dressed in orange.

In Geometry, we took our Unit 5 test over Trigonometry. This means we start a new unit tomorrow.

In Algebra II, we looked at another method of solving quadratic equations. This method may or may not be easier than the factoring we did yesterday. It all depends on how you look at it. This is difficult to describe/summarize here, so see the notes for the details.

Terrific Tuesday!

I hope everyone had a terrific Tuesday!

In Geometry, we reviewed for the Unit 5 test that we will have tomorrow that covers primarily right triangles. The topics tested include simplifying radicals, the Pythagorean Theorem, Special Right Triangles, Trig Ratios, and Inverse Trig Ratios. The test should be straight-forward if you study the review, so STUDY!

In Algebra II, we had a blast from the past. We looked at solving quadratics using factoring. This can be done in four easy steps (or at least as easy as factoring can be): 1.) Set equation equal to zero. 2.) Factor. 3.) Set each factor equal to zero. 4.) Solve!

8. Weeks.

That’s it. You have 8 weeks to make sure that all of your ducks are in a row in order to get credit for your Math course? How are your rows looking? Are they even rows? If not, let’s get to work!

In Geometry, we looked at the last day of material for Unit 5. This really was more of a review of the trig ratios, but we did have two new concepts: angles of elevation and angles of depression. These are pretty straight-forward: Basically, if you are looking up, it’s an angle of elevation and if you are looking down, it’s an angle of depression. Now, you may be saying: “But we are looking at a paper, we aren’t looking up or down.” To that I say, “Go from the dotted line to the solid line. How do you move?”

In Algebra II, we looked at solving quadratic equations and inequalities by graphing. This was like what we did Friday, but we took it a step further with an inequality sign or equal sign. It’s better if you just look at the notes that me trying to explain it here.

Back in the Saddle Again!

It feels great to be back in the saddle classroom again! After being sick for two days this week, I’m glad to be back, almost to the point that I’m sad it’s Friday already.

In Geometry, we looked at Special Right Triangles for the second time in this unit. So, if you didn’t get to hear me talk about them last Friday, then you should have heard me loud and clear today. On another note, yesterday we looked at Inverse Trig Ratios. Those notes are also posted below.

In Algebra II, we had our test over Radicals yesterday, which meant that today we started a new unit. In particular, we started our unit over Quadratics. In traditional Algebra II fashion, we did this by graphing quadratics using our a, h, and k transformations. See the notes.