It’s Another Panther Pack Friday!

We have made it to Friday yet again! YAY!

In Geometry, we had a day similar to that of yesterday. We looked at Parallel Lines cut by a Transversal. This time, we were looking at the converse. That is, if two angles were corresponding angles and they were congruent, then the two lines running the same way were parallel. Similar statements can be said for alternate interior, alternate exterior, and same-side interior angles. All around, it seemed to be an easy day to me, and I hope it was to you as well.

In Algebra II, we looked at Adding, Subtracting, and Multiplying Polynomials. The key on adding is to “count only the same species”, in other words, group like terms together. Subtracting Polynomials is just like adding, except we have to distribute a negative first. Lastly, we looked at multiplying polynomials. If you are good with distribution, then this should have been just a slight extension further. See the notes for more details than I could ever put here.

I hope everyone has a fun, restful, and safe weekend! GO PACK!

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