Giving More Power to the Transversal!

Whether we realize it or not, a line can be pretty powerful. I mean, think of it: Why does everything change if you cross a simple line between the U.S. and Canada? I mean, is it not just a line in the sand, basically? Or between Texas and Louisiana? So, lines/boundaries can be simple yet powerful. Anyways, consider that your “complex” thought of the day.

In Geometry, we looked at lines and transversals. This led to a discussion about corresponding, alternate interior, alternate exterior, and same-side interior angles. The first three relationships have congruent angles, while the last relationship has angles that add up to give you 180, so make sure to keep that distinction in mind.

In Algebra II, we added one more rule to what we were doing yesterday: Power to a Power. The key to remember here is that if you have a power to a power, you multiply the powers. Other than that, it was just more of yesterday’s rules.

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