Never Forget – 9/11

I hope there never comes a day where we forget what happened on this dreadful day in 2001. I was so inspired by how we led a moment of silence specifically for all the lives lost in the dreadful attack on American soil.

In Geometry, we had our last day deal with conditional statements in learning about Biconditional Statements. These are of the form “P if and only if Q,” or “P iff Q.” When evaluating the truth value of biconditional statements, remember that both the conditional and its converse must be true for the whole biconditional statement to be true.

In Algebra II, started our Polynomials unit by looking at Multiplying and Dividing Monomials along with what to do with Negative Exponents. These are summarized with three simple rules. I can’t type them here, but take a look at the notes for all the details.

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