(Perfect) Practice Makes Perfect!

In was a practicing kind of day in here!

In Geometry, we had a practice day over the Unit 2 concepts, where we basically condensed the whole unit into one day. We looked again at midpoints, finding endpoints, distance, slope, and equations of lines. If it was in Unit 2, then we covered it. This means that a test is looming in the near future. When in the future, you ask? FRIDAY.

In Algebra II, it was a practice day in the sense that we looked at solving systems by all three methods that we have learned so far: Graphing, Substitution, and Elimination. At this point, you should be able to solve a system by graphing without a calculator. If doing them by substitution or elimination, then you can use a calculator. Who’s ready to “beef up” our systems? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s lesson…

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