Applications on all Angles

What a GREAT day to be a LUFKIN PANTHER! You might be wondering why I start off like this today…well, because EVERY day is a great day to be a Lufkin Panther!

In Geometry, we looked at another very important topic in helping set a firm foundation for the semester – Angles. We not only learned how to name angles, but we also classified them and then looked at the Angle Addition Postulate. This postulate still follows the same pattern as yesterday regarding Part + Part = Whole. Also, y’all did a phenomenal job a remembering what acute, obtuse, right, and straight angles were! Tomorrow, we dive even deeper into angles with relationships.

In Algebra II, we looked at applications of absolute value functions. We saw how to solve absolute value equations both graphically and algebraically. When doing them graphically, just remember to graph using our a, h, and k transformations and then see what we want to be equal to and where the graph has that value. For solving algebraically, remember these two steps: 1.) Isolate |”stuff”|. and 2.) Split positive and negative answers.

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