Why’s E’erbody Always Pickin’ On Me?

Today was a day full of head-scratching, speed, and laughs. As most know, I don’t really “call” on people. If their cards are drawn, then they are chosen to work a problem. However, it already seems that the same people get chosen time and time again…even after all the shuffling. I guess I’ll have to figure something out about that.

Anyways, in Geometry, we learned about measuring segments. Some of it was straight-forward measuring with a number line or ruler. Then, our “x” came back and had to get involved. That’s okay, because with the Segment Addition Postulate, we were easily able to find what exactly the “x” was and sent them on their way. The biggest takeaway of the day was by far the Segment Addition Postulate, which is summarized by saying that “Part + Part = Whole”.

In Algebra II, we had an interesting day in that we were dodging the class meetings. This meant less work for the students, but more for me, your teacher. Nonetheless, it was applying what we “explored” yesterday to graphing absolute value equations WITHOUT a calculator. With our friends “a”, “h”, and “k”, we had a pretty easy time with this. The sooner you understand the impact of “a”, “h”, and “k”, the less painful these graphs will be in the future.

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