Hold on to your seats!

How was that for a fast and furious start to the semester? Regardless of whether you are in Algebra II or Geometry, we have jumped in to the deep end and are off to the races.

In Geometry, we worked on completing the assignment from Day 1, of which we did the notes yesterday. This assignment is probably the longest assignment you’ll have this semester that isn’t a review. Aren’t you glad it’s out of the way now?

In Algebra II, we got behind yesterday, which meant today we had some ground to cover. So, we finished up the notes for the Solving Linear Equations lesson and then dove into Solving Linear Inequalities. Since it was my fault that we got behind, I figured I would lighten the load for you. As a result, on the “Solving Linear Equations” assignment, you only had to do the EVEN problems. On the second assignment “Solving Linear Inequalities”, we only had to do the ODD problems. The notes took pretty much all period, but hopefully this is the last time that happens…no guarantees though 😉

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