It’s A Panther Pack FriYAY!

It’s Friday y’all! The Lobos are coming to town and hopefully we will send them back with their tails between their legs! To share in that excitement, I thought we’d play a little game in class as a way to set up the Monty Hall Problem. If you are interested in this problem about picking the doors and your different odds at each door, click here.

In Geometry, we had an easy day. This was because we talked about slope for the whole day. We all know that slope is “Rise over Run”. Then we took this and applied it to different lines to tell if they were parallel (same slope), perpendicular (opposite reciprocal slope), or neither. That’s it! I also introduced everyone to slope man…so see the notes if you didn’t get to meet him, but want to.

In Algebra II, I can’t say as much. Today was one of those ground and pound days that we all love to hate. We looked at solving systems of equations using elimination. This means we were trying to get rid of a variable by cancelling it out. Once we cancel, we solve for the other remaining variable, plug it back into the equation, and obtain what we had originally cancelled out. See the notes for all the deets.

Have a great THREE day weekend and remember…don’t try anything that I wouldn’t try! 🙂

Picture Day in Panther Land!

The buzz around campus was crazy today with pictures! I even got all dressed up, but that was mainly so the camera wouldn’t break when the they took my picture. It must have worked because the camera didn’t break…to my knowledge, at least!

In Geometry, we looked at the Distance Formula and using the Pythagorean Theorem to find distance. It was pretty easy and straight-forward from what I’ve heard. So, there’s not really much to say other than see the notes.

In Algebra II, we looked at solving systems of inequalities by graphing. It was a crazy day with Juniors being pulled out for class rings, but we made it through the lesson. Unlike Geometry, this one is hard to describe here, so see the notes. The key point is a table we did at the beginning; so, make sure to look at that table!

New Day, New Chapter

While each day could technically be considered a new chapter in the book of life, we aren’t exactly in Biology. So, with that being said, this new chapter is a MATH chapter. Both classes tested on the same day (a rarity!), so they both are starting a new chapter on the same day.

In Geometry, we hit the Pause button on Geometry concepts to review Algebra concepts. The first thing out of the gate is MIDPOINT. This concept is simple enough on the surface – If you have two points, to get the midpoint you would simply average the x and y coordinates. For example, the midpoint of (1,1) and (3,3) would be (2,2). Where it gets tricky is when they tell you the midpoint and ask you to find one of the endpoints. We would still use our midpoint formula to help us, but it involves a little algebra on our part. For example, they might say (1,1) is an endpoint and (2,2) is the midpoint; then, you would find that (3,3) is the other endpoint. Overall, today wasn’t terrible.

In Algebra II, we are starting our unit on Systems of Equations. As is traditional with most units, we are starting by graphing. This means that we are solving a system of equations by graphing. We’ve seen this before in Algebra I, so the concept is straight-forward: Where the lines cross, you have your solution. There’s really not much more to say other than to be sure to get the equations into y=mx+b format.

First FULL Week in the Books!

We survived our first FULL week of school! Yay!! I think it may have been draining to some, but we survived. I’m even feeling so generous that I will make a deal: If we can survive our 2nd full week of school next week, then I’ll give you the following Monday off. 😉

In Geometry, we had a practice day over the Unit 1 material. What this means is that we looked at various topics from Unit 1 and consolidated them into one assignment. This helps us to better prepare for the test where everything will be all mixed up to begin with. One good thing about practice days is that the assignments looks nearly identical to the lesson. So, if you take good notes, then the assignment will be a breeze.

In Algebra II, we finished the last of the new material for Unit 1. Unfortunately, we don’t have time for practice days. This means that the end of the material signifies a test is looming (Tuesday!). The last topic was solving absolute value inequalities algebraically. We started off by establishing a procedure and then referenced it regularly throughout the lesson. I can’t really described it well on here, so catch all the “deets” in the notes.

Warning! Warning!

Tests dates are closer than they appear! Our first test is on Tuesday. Please be sure you are studying the material that we have covered thus far to be ready by the time Tuesday gets here.

In Geometry, we wrapped up the new material for the test. In doing this, things got serious because we talked about relationships. No, not those relationships…angle relationships. We talked about complementary angles (adds to equal 90), supplementary angles (adds to equal 180), adjacent angles (shares a side), linear pairs (adjacent and non-shared sides form a line), and vertical angles. There was a large amount of algebra in many of these problems, but we handled them like a champ.

In Algebra II, we looked at how to solve absolute value inequalities graphically. That is, we looked at solving inequalities by graphing the absolute value equations. If the part of the graph we wanted involved the “legs”, then it meant we had an “or” inequality. If the part of the graph we wanted involved the “vertex”, then it meant we had an “and” inequality. In all, I feel like this was new, but the notes help, so see them for more information.

Applications on all Angles

What a GREAT day to be a LUFKIN PANTHER! You might be wondering why I start off like this today…well, because EVERY day is a great day to be a Lufkin Panther!

In Geometry, we looked at another very important topic in helping set a firm foundation for the semester – Angles. We not only learned how to name angles, but we also classified them and then looked at the Angle Addition Postulate. This postulate still follows the same pattern as yesterday regarding Part + Part = Whole. Also, y’all did a phenomenal job a remembering what acute, obtuse, right, and straight angles were! Tomorrow, we dive even deeper into angles with relationships.

In Algebra II, we looked at applications of absolute value functions. We saw how to solve absolute value equations both graphically and algebraically. When doing them graphically, just remember to graph using our a, h, and k transformations and then see what we want to be equal to and where the graph has that value. For solving algebraically, remember these two steps: 1.) Isolate |”stuff”|. and 2.) Split positive and negative answers.

Why’s E’erbody Always Pickin’ On Me?

Today was a day full of head-scratching, speed, and laughs. As most know, I don’t really “call” on people. If their cards are drawn, then they are chosen to work a problem. However, it already seems that the same people get chosen time and time again…even after all the shuffling. I guess I’ll have to figure something out about that.

Anyways, in Geometry, we learned about measuring segments. Some of it was straight-forward measuring with a number line or ruler. Then, our “x” came back and had to get involved. That’s okay, because with the Segment Addition Postulate, we were easily able to find what exactly the “x” was and sent them on their way. The biggest takeaway of the day was by far the Segment Addition Postulate, which is summarized by saying that “Part + Part = Whole”.

In Algebra II, we had an interesting day in that we were dodging the class meetings. This meant less work for the students, but more for me, your teacher. Nonetheless, it was applying what we “explored” yesterday to graphing absolute value equations WITHOUT a calculator. With our friends “a”, “h”, and “k”, we had a pretty easy time with this. The sooner you understand the impact of “a”, “h”, and “k”, the less painful these graphs will be in the future.

Oh Monday…

We survived the first Monday of the school year! Yay!!! It was an interesting one with the class meetings and all, but alas, we stayed on track.

In Geometry, we had a fairly easy day looking at points, lines, planes, rays, and segments. It required no usage of the calculator whatsoever nor any “math”. Unfortunately, there was a lot of definition-type work though. There’s really not much I can say on here other than see the notes for me details.

In Algebra II, we explored transformations. This is where we met three friends who will stay with us for the rest of the semester. Their names are “a”, “h”, and “k”. With these three friends, we can just about graph any type of function thrown our way. The sooner you understand them, the less painful the semester will be. First, “a” tells you whether we will stretch, shrink, or flip the graph. Then, “h” tell you if we will move left or right as compared to the parent function. Finally, “k” tells you whether we will move up or down as compared to the parent. See the notes for more explanation.

Week #1 in the Books!

We’ve all survived our first week back for the 2019-2020 school year! I hope everyone has had a fantastic first week and I look forward to what the rest of the semester brings. With that personality test we did today in class, I bet we have a great one!

Speaking of class, in Geometry, we looked at Algebraic Proofs. Think of this as using properties to answer every three-year-old’s burning question: “Why?” Every step we do in solving for “x”, that three-year-old is asking us “Why?” and we have to give him not only an answer, but a mathematical property as our answer. Then, he’ll know exactly what we are doing because he’s already a genius and knows the properties…but that’s it. We have to solve his problems 😉

In Algebra II, we built on what we did yesterday by looking into Compound Inequalities. These are the ones that involve “AND” and “OR” in the process. It’s somewhat hard to explain them here on the website, so take a look at the notes for further explanation.

Everyone have a great weekend!!!