Concert Season is in the Air!

It’s concert season here at LHS! I’ve already seen one Spring program (I’m talking about you, Panther Pride). Now, we have the Band concert tonight, where you can bet I will be in attendance. But, with all this excitement, let’s not forget about the academic side of school!

In Algebra II, we looked at solving rational equations. As with most of this unit, we’ve pretty much all done this before, we just didn’t call it as such. After all, the key point here is that we have to cross multiply and then solve for “x”. But, even after we get a solution, you have to proceed with caution because these solutions can be tricky and extraneous. What’s extraneous, you ask? It’s where we appear to have a solution, but in reality, the solution is bad. For example, if one of our solutions causes the denominator to be zero, then it’s a “no go” (a.k.a extraneous) solution.

In Geometry, we didn’t really do anything too terribly new. We just had to decide today how to count the different outcomes. Is it a combination, permutation, or neither? The way to remember the answer to this question is that if order matters and we do not replace the items (once it’s picked, that’s it), then we have a permutation. If order does NOT matter and we do not replace the items, then it is a combination. If neither of those fit, then we have to use our “plain Jane” counting techniques.

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