Build the Docks!!

At the rate it’s been raining here lately, we may as well start building docks over the parking lot because before too long, we will need to start driving boats everywhere. It’s a good thing that there are only 2 weeks left, maybe we won’t have to resort that that after all!

In Algebra II, we looked at multiplying and dividing rational expressions. Multiplying was pretty straightforward – you just multiply and then reduce like how we did yesterday. Division was a little tricky though. However, KFC …er I mean KCF came in clutch. The thing to remember when dividing is:

  1. Keep the first expression.
  2. Change the division sign to a multiplication sign.
  3. Flip the second expression.

Now if we just had some chicken to go along with it, we’d be perfect!

In Geometry, we look at permutations. The thing to remember here is that when deciding if you need to use a permutation, ORDER MATTERS and we will DRAW WITHOUT REPLACEMENT. If these two things hold, then we can use permutations. That’s the main thing for today, so see the notes for the details.

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