STAAR’s a Wrap!

Today was the last day of STAAR testing! I know everyone is just as relieved as I am and I didn’t even have to take the test.

In Algebra II, we looking at how to simplify rational expressions. This was pretty straightforward, as we were just trying to find what we can cancel out on both the top and the bottom. However, just because we were able to cancel it out does not mean that we can get rid of it. Graphically, that piece is considered a hole in the graph. Luckily we didn’t have to do too many graphs today because by the time you throw in the asymptotes AND the hole, it get’s to be a little busy.

In Geometry, the other teachers’ classes were taking the Biology STAAR test. As such, they didn’t do much today, so neither did we. Free Day for the win!

Algebra II:
Notes – Lesson 3 Simplifying Rational Expressions
Assignment – Day 3A – Simplifying Rational Expressions

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