Good Luck!

Many of you that are in my class will be taking the U.S. History STAAR test tomorrow. I hope y’all knock it out of the park!

In Algebra II, we looked at how to find asymptotes algebraically. For the vertical asymptote(s), this was pretty easy because it occurs when the denominator is equal to zero. This usually involves factoring the polynomials to easily see where this occurs. For horizontal asymptotes, we have three rules:

  1. If the top degree > bottom degree, we have no horizontal asymptote.
  2. If the top degree < bottom degree, we have a horizontal asymptote at y = 0.
  3. If the top degree = bottom degree, our horizontal asymptote is a ratio of the leading coefficients.

In Geometry, we simply worked on the Transformations assignment, which is based on the notes that we did yesterday.

Algebra II:
Notes – Lesson 2 Finding Asymptotes and Graphing
Assignment – Day 2A – Finding Asymptotes and Graphing

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