The Revenge of the Sixth

Okay, well maybe it’s “Sith”, but today is May 6th, so it fits.

In Algebra II, we started our new unit over Rationals. But, though it’s a new unit, it’s still time to get excited because IT’S OUR LAST UNIT!!! We had a visit from our old friends a, h, and k and they helped us to graph rational functions. Now, these are the basic functions. Tomorrow, we get more advanced. But, let’s take the easy stuff while we can.

In Geometry, I can’t say we’ve started the last unit, but we did look at the topic of Transformations today. This won’t be anything that will be tested, but it was covered nonetheless. It’s something easy to do without a calculator and while they are using our calculators for STAAR, it fits the situation.

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