Warning: Short Week Ahead!

With this week coming to a close, we have seen the end of the English STAAR testing for Spring 2019. Also, that means that next week is a short week! YAY!!!

In Algebra II, we looked at completing the square in order to make graphing a quadratic much easier. Nothing was really new today except how we completed the square. This time we did everything on the same side instead of opposite sides of the equal sign. Also, there were evidently animals in my room because every time I tried to say “plus blank minus blank” it came out as “plus *MEOW!* minus *MEOW!*” or some other animal…one was even a donkey!

In Geometry, almost all took the STAAR test today, so it was a free day.

Algebra II:
Notes – Lesson 7-6 Completing the Square to Graph
Assignment – Day 6A – Completing the Square to Graph

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