7 More Weeks

We have made yet another week! This means the most of us have only 7 more weeks until Summer 2019! Seniors, you only have 6 more weeks! So make sure you make these last few weeks count instead of counting the weeks.

To do just that, in Algebra II, we started our Transformations unit. This unit is 100% no-calculator, which means we are graphing pretty much the whole time. To start off, we looked at the cubic function and it’s properties. As with the others before, we had to use a, h, and k to graph the equations. As it turns out, you may very well be sick of those three letters by the end of the next week and a half.

In Geometry, we had more of an exploration type of activity today. We looked at 5 different types of quadrilaterals and made observations about their properties. While we didn’t get through the whole packet. We were still able to get a good overview of each of the 5 quadrilaterals we will be focusing on in the coming week. For the notes, I’m putting the completely filled-in activity, which will enable you to check your work if you feel so inclined to do the calculation-based examples.

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