Power Rules!

We all like to have a little bit of power over something, right? Well today, we have had just that…power over powers.

In Algebra II, we added one more exponent rule to the mix, bringing our grand total to 4 exponent rules. The new rule today was called “Power to a power”. I told them this clever saying that when you have a “Power to a power, you multiply the powers.” There’s even a little hand signal that goes along with it. After learning that new rule, we combined all four rules and had different moving pieces in the problems. See the notes for more details.

In Geometry, we looked at conditional statements and their variations. We saw that the converse is of the form q -> p, the inverse is of the form ~p -> ~q, and the contrapositive is ~q -> ~p. That’s all on that topic too, so see the notes for more details.

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