Exponentially True

While something may not be exponentially true, one thing that is for sure – we have more Fridays left in the school year than Mondays.

In Algebra II, we started our new unit by looking at multiplying and dividing monomials and then dealing with negative exponents. There are three basic rules to remember from today’s lesson and if you can remember those, you’ll be doing pretty good.

  1. If you are multiplying like bases, then you add exponents.
  2. If you are dividing like bases, then you subtract exponents.
  3. If you have a negative exponent, you move it to the opposite side of the fraction.

In Geometry, we started our Logic and Parallel Lines unit today by looking at patterns, writing conjectures, and disproving those same conjectures. This is to get us set up for conditional statements, which we will get to have fun with over the next few days.

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