Day Late and a Dollar Short

If I wait any longer to put up the notes from Friday’s class, that’s just what I very well may be – a day late and a dollar short due to having to get some caffeine in me.

Anyways, in Algebra II, we looked at the last of the new material for Unit 2, which involves our fourth and final way of solving a system of equations – Matrices. This method is usually the most beloved because it can be 100% done on the calculator, except for the small part where you have to write out the matrix equation. Just remember that when you put it in the calculator, you have to raise the coefficient matrix to the -1 power.

In Geometry, we had a calculator activity that helped us to review the concepts taught in Unit 2. So, that meant two things – 1.) No Notes and 2.) No Homework. You’re Welcome.

Algebra II Notes – Lesson 2.7 Solving Systems Using Matrices
Algebra II Assignment – Day 7 A – Solving Systems Using Matrices

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