Musical Fridays!

The things that we find and think to do when we get bored are unbelievable. I was bored over Christmas break and have unearthed my percussion set that I had in middle school band (which alone makes the set 14 years old!) but haven’t practiced on since I was a sophomore in high school (8.5 years). So, this great idea struck me – Let’s dust off our skills and play in front of 80 students and look like a fool! However, I think it went pretty well, if I say so myself, other than the 2-3 times I messed up in a 30 second song 😀

In Algebra II, we shifted gears to look at our first family of functions – the Absolute Value functions. Today was more of an exploration exercise to see what happens when different parts of the equation are changed. This leads to the discovery of a, h, and k, who are the bestest of friends and will stay with us throughout the semester taking us on all kinds of journeys.

  • a – shape (stretched or widened AND normal or flipped)
  • h – horizontal movement (left or right)
  • k – vertical movement (up or down)

In Geometry, we got into our first “geometry”-esque material. We learned about naming points, planes, lines, segments, and rays. With so many topics, it’s hard to put a summary here for those, so see the notes for the details.

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