(In)Equalities Galore!

Depending on the class you are in, you either heard enough of the word “Inequality” or “Equality” for a year…or at least that’s what YOU think *Evil Laugh*. That’s because in Algebra II, we looked at compound inequalities, which means you have two inequalities that you have to worry about. The general rule, however is that the “and” inequalities mean that x could be anything between those two numbers, while the “or” inequalities mean that they have to be outside of that range.

On the other hand, in Geometry, we had a good detailed looked at different properties of equality and properties of congruence. Well, I maybe exaggerated the “detailed” part, but you at least should know enough definitions to do a basic proof with justifications. The way to think of a proof is like having a three year old constantly asking you why you did something and you having to give a true answer (“because I just did” isn’t acceptable).

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