Future Aspirations

Even though you may be in high school, you need to be thinking about what you want to do after school is finished. That was the motivation behind today’s warm-up. Also, I liked hearing your most and least favorite things about being in a math class. Unfortunately, I have some bad news for y’all – Math requires work, it’s sad but it’s sooo true. Also, if you’re struggling with something, ASK!! Don’t do like me and bang your head into the wall because then you just may end up with my twisted sense of humor…you’ve been warned!

As far as classwork goes, Algebra II looked at solving linear inequalities and graphing their solutions on a number line. These pretty much work like normal equations, but you just have one more thing to keep track of – the sign! See the notes if you need more details or a review of what was covered in class.

For Geometry, y’all just finished the assignment that was started on the first day of class over solving basic equations. This should have been turned in before you left class, so that means NO Homework!

Algebra II:

Notes – Lesson 1.2 Solving Linear Inequalities
Assignment – Day 2 A – Linear Inequalities

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