Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their much-deserved Christmas break over these past 2.5 weeks! While it may not be a new school year, it sure does feel like it, but I guess that’s what you get when you are on a semester basis. With that being said, that means the likes of Math Models has gone away and is replaced by Algebra II and Geometry. So, without further adieu, here’s what you may have missed today:

Usually, I will break this section up into their respective class, but today is one of the rare occasions where we pretty much covered the same thing in both classes. What is that thing? I’m glad you asked! We started simple by trying to solve an equation for “x” because I know y’all have a few cobwebs that need to be knocked off before getting to the good stuff. The thing to remember here is to do the opposite of what the current operation is to “undo” the equation (i.e., If it is x + 1 = 2, you would SUBTRACT 1 from both sides), just like you would probably do if your parents told you not to do something. For all the deets, see the notes for your respective classes:

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