Scaling Mount Everest

When you introduce a third unknown and equation into the mix of things, that’s exactly what it seems like we are doing…climbing Mt. Everest. How am I ever going to solve that?

Well, if you were in Algebra II today, you should know the answer now. We need to modify the equations and get them to play nice with us. Then, we can conquer even the most difficult of system of equations! Tomorrow, things are about to be breezy now from the top!

In Geometry, we had a practice day over all the concepts covered in the 2nd unit. It was a long notes day, but that’s about the only way to get a whole unit into one lesson.

It’s Hoppin’ Up in Here!

We are getting the heat cranked up in the Math hallway! That’s the reason for posting these notes so late – Tutorials were hoppin’!

Anyhow, in Algebra II, we had a review day of sorts in the sense that we looked at solving systems of equations using all three methods that we have talked about thus far. That is, solving by either graphing, substituting, or eliminating.

In Geometry, we looked at different ways to write equations of lines and then graphing those lines on the coordinate plane. This was the last day of new material. So, tomorrow is a Practice Day and Friday is a calculator day.

Sleep Works Miracles!!

Did you know that the average person sleeps for 1/3 of their life? So if you live to be 75 years old, you would have spent 25 years doing nothing but sleeping! After not getting a lick of sleep Sunday night, I’ve come to the conclusion that those 25 years would be well spent and much needed.

In Algebra II, we looked at yet a third method of solving a system of equations – Solving by Substitution. This is just like it sounds, you will substitute one equation into the other and then solve. There’s not really too much more I can say because it’s that simple, so see the notes.

In Geometry, we looked at Slope. Then we took that slope and applied it to see if a pair of lines were parallel, perpendicular, or neither. Remember, parallel lines have the same slope, while perpendicular lines have opposite reciprocals for their slope.

Icky Yucky Monday!

Well, this one may be the shortest post yet because I stayed up all night doing my own homework and then came down with what could be a mild case of bronchitis (not sure on that though).

Anyways, Algebra II solved systems by using the elimination method, while Geometry looked at the distance, midpoint, and Pythagorean Theorem formulas again.

3 Weeks Gone!

Can you already believe that 3 weeks have gone by in this semester? I mean here we are already talking about progress reports coming out next week yet it feels like we have just begun. But, hey, time flies when you’re having fun!

In Algebra II, we got what will probably be our only dose of inequalities for this unit. With a system of equations, it is hard to do inequalities algebraically, so that’s why we will only look at the graphically. It’s almost like we took a trip back to Kindergarten with all of the coloring we did today to shade for those inequalities, so I hope that was fun!

In Geometry, we learned about the distance formula and were introduced to the Pythagorean Theorem. Today, once again was pretty straight forward, so see the notes for the details.

Onwards & Upwards

Talk about a posting hiatus! While it has been nice not having to post for a week (if we’re being honest here), a new post means that we have covered some new material. In both classes, we started the next unit of study and are already looking towards our next test.

In Algebra II, this unit just so happens to be over solving a system of equations. This isn’t exactly new, as you’ve seen it in Algebra I, but we will add some new topics to the unit so that you are at least growing in your knowledge-base. As for today’s topic, we were just solving systems the easiest way we know how – Graphing. There’s not really much to explain here, as it’s pretty simple. You graph the two equations and where they cross, that’s your solution.

In Geometry, this unit is what we like to call our “Algebra” unit. we’ll use some geometry concepts, but a lot of it will be more algebraic in nature, just like today’s topic – Finding Midpoints. This, too, is also straight-forward. All you have to do is find the average x and y values of the endpoints.

It’s a Loony Friday!

It’s Friday, which means one thing – Music Friday! Well, actually Friday means a bunch of things, but still who can turn down watching a Math teacher get mad when he messes up playing this week’s song of choice – the Loony Tunes theme song!

In Algebra II, we started preparing for our first exam, which is quickly approaching on Wednesday. We are dedicating two days to review in order to make sure that we can knock this exam out of the park. Today is the first day and Tuesday will be the second day. My recommendation is to start studying NOW. Not an hour before. Not the night before as you are half asleep in bed. NOW.

In Geometry, we had a practice day. These practice days are like review days in that they try to briefly touch on the big topics of the unit. This also means that we have a test coming up as well in here. This test will also be on Wednesday, leaving Tuesday to review. As mentioned above for Alg. II, the time to start studying is NOW!

I hope everyone has a great, safe three-day weekend. In the words of Porky the Pig “Tha-Tha-That’s all folks!”

It’s Getting Late

I’m posting this at around 8 o’clock, which means I’m still up here at the school at 8:00 PM! Therefore, I’m keeping it short because I’m tired and ready to go home, if I’m being quite frank here.

Algebra II learned how to solve absolute value inequalities algebraically using a 4-step process.

Geometry had a fun calculator activity.

Another Step Forward

In both classes today, we built a little more on topics that we discussed yesterday.

For Algebra II, we looked at how to solve absolute value inequalities using a graph or table. This built on yesterday’s in the sense that we still had to remember how to graph and find where the function is some value, but now we will need to use those values to write an inequality. Enter “Legs” and “Vertex”. If what we are wanting can be found with the “legs” of the function, then we have an “or” inequality. If what we are wanting can be found with the “vertex” portion of the function, then we have an “and” inequality.

In Geometry, we took classifying angles to another step higher. Now, we know what complementary, supplementary, and verticals angles all are, in addition to angles being adjacent and/or forming a linear pair. This is all technical jargon that can best be seem in the notes. So, without any more adieu, here they are below.

Bendy Thingies

I’m not sure what all to say today other than the fact that both classes talked about something that was bent. In Algebra II, it was the absolute value function and in Geometry, we talked about angles.

With that in mind, let’s get into the content. As mentioned above, we looked at solving absolute value equations two different ways. The first way was by graphing, while the second way was algebraically. When doing the second way, remember to get the absolute value “stuff” by itself and then if the resulting number on the other side of the equal sign is positive, you can split it into each a positive and negative answer. If not, then there is probably no solution.

For Geometry, we learned how to draw, measure, and name angles. Then we used the Angle Addition Postulate to find various values, whether it was the x or an angle, we could do it. Also, that word bisector came back to greet us again.